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Well, that's not really true, because there is a lot of great TV being made right now and I can't keep up with it. But I thought I'd give some new shows a try and in most cases gave up after one episode. Maybe these are going to get better, but I don't really have the patience to wait and see.

Of Kings and Prophets (cancelled after two episodes, no surprise there)
Houdini and Doyle
Heroes Reborn (I actually watched 5 eps before giving up)
The Bastard Executioner (cancelled, again, no surprise)
The Magicians
The Aliens

Haven't watched yet, but plan to:
Damien (I've seen bad reviews which makes me very unhappy because, well, BRADLEY!)
The Expanse
Hap and Leonard (I love the books)

New shows I'd recommend:
Limitless (tonally all over the place, but at times hilarious)
Life in Pieces (family comedies are not my thing, but this is really good)
Colony -- okay, I don't really *recommend* it, but it isn't terrible. Bonus Kim Rhodes!
The Man in the High Castle -- just two episodes in, but I like it. Bonus Rick Worthy & DJ Qualls!

Shows cancelled that I am bummed about:
The Awesomes (NOOOOOOOOO!)
The Good Wife -- but even though I am really sorry to see this end, sometimes it is good for shows to quit while they are ahead.

Still haven't gotten through my pictures from Vegas, but here is a pic of two of the most fabulous women in the universe. I am just bummed because in so many of my photos, one of them is blurred or out of focus. They need to stand still!

IMG_3817 copy
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VegasCon was great, but I came back exhausted and then caught cold and couldn't go to Seattle to volunteer for that Con. But that is probably good because I would have been returning today completely wiped.

I haven't even looked at my pictures, but when I do get through them I will share.

What I have been working on instead is syncing all my SPN pictures, videos & miscellany to my work account, where I have unlimited storage. Currently it all resides on an external hard drive and I'm getting nervous about the possibility of that hard drive crashing. It's slow going as I'm trying to delete duplicates and other files that I really don't need to save before I sync the folders. I'm also creating a Lightroom catalog for just my SPN stuff. This has not been slow going, which makes me very happy with my new(ish) laptop. My old one probably would have crashed multiple times doing this.

Does anyone watch The 100? I watched 1/2 of the first episode when it first came out and gave up on it because it seemed to me to be yet another rehash of 90210 (Post-apocalyptic 90210!). But recently Entertainment Weekly wrote an article raving about it, so I decided to give it another go. I am so glad I did because it is freakin' crazy! Ludicrous at times (these people heal from life-threatening injuries even faster than Sam and Dean), but mostly so fast-paced and action-packed that you ignore the lapses in logic. And boy, the producers are not afraid to kill their characters. I'm only on episode 3 of season 2 and I'm not keeping count, but it probably is more like The 64 now. (Actually, that would be pretty funny if they changed the title every episode, reflecting how many of the 100 are still alive.)

Another reason I am very happy that I like this show is because one of my all-time favorite fanfic writers, chash (aka [ profile] longsufferingly aka [ profile] poor_choices) left SPN fandom (*sob*) and took up with The 100. I cannot wait until I get current with the show and so I can go read ALL THE FIC (184 stories and counting).
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This video by my friend Denise was one of the winning picks at VegasCon. The version they showed there was good, but she edited it after submitting it and the version posted on YouTube is better. She is such an amazing editor.

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A very talented photographer took this pic of me during karaoke at Vegas Con. Check out my Darth Vader gloves.

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I believe VegasCon 2015 was my 13th (and part of it was on Friday the 13th - woowoo) and it definitely places in the top three of my favorites so far. Last year the Con in Vegas had many issues (Ty, scheduling, disorganization) and I wouldn't have returned but I was convinced by my friend to come. SO GLAD I DID.

So, highlights for me:
I had a copper ticket and it was a great seat, right on the aisle. Of course, my camera could not focus on anything and I noticed the woman in front of me was taking great pictures with hers. She told me what she had, I looked it up on amazon and ordered it right then. It was delivered to my hotel Friday morning so I was able to use it the rest of the weekend. I haven't been through all my pictures yet, but I know I got some pretty good ones that won't require a massive amount of editing. I'll be sharing them all with you soon.

Until then, here is one of Osric and Lauren. My friend told him at the last Con she attended that he should dress as Lauren's character from Futurama and he was completely into the idea. So she made him the outfit and the wig and gave it to him before Lauren's panel. Lauren was completely surprised and seemed to love it. This isn't the best shot of her, but it is the best one I have of him facing my direction.

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- Four nights, three of which I did not return to my room before 3:30 am (one memorable night it was 5:00, but what happens in Vegas...).
- I confirmed my theory that if I drink Vodka rocks without mixer, no matter how drunk I get I will not have a hangover.
- There is a new part of Vegas called Freemont East that is pretty nice -- lots of restaurants and trendy bars and a few low-key casinos. Kind of hipster, but with a lot of neon.
- [ profile] elsiecat was kind enough to send me two postcards that Jensen and Jared signed. I love these soooo much.

- I came back with a cold. Bleh.
- Here is Osric talking with my friend. He asked her if I was her mom. I couldn't be offended because I am almost old enough to be her grandmother.
-  I brought two newcomers with me to Vegas and both are now talking about the next Cons they plan to attend. Converts!
- One of my friends had a pedometer with her and confirmed that we walked at least 10,000 steps (approximately 5 miles) each day. Made me feel less guilty about not hitting the gym.
- I had a great time, but I think four days might be too much for Creation to handle -- there was a lot of waiting.
- I give it up for Richard Speight, Jr., who did an excellent job hosting all four days, but super kudos to Louden Swain (aka The Elastic Waste Band) for their almost constant presence on stage. If Rob Benedict has a voice left, I will be surprised.
- Ty, man, there is a time and a place for massive amounts of alcohol and the middle of the day at a Supernatural panel is not it.
- DJ Qualls was hilarious. I wonder if he is going to get into trouble.
- Jensen.

More articulate people than me have posted great summaries of the panels and [ profile] elsiecat is sharing her fabulous pictures. Go check them out.
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This was overexposed and I couldn't fix it, so I messed with it.



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