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So much love for season 5.

Jensen Ackles should have won a fucking Emmy. Goddam the CW.

Supernaturals05e04 3787
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Season 4 is my favorite. There are a zillion lovely, exciting, heartbreaking, suspenseful moments to choose from. I am just going to post two random ones:

(credit to [ profile] raloria - this is one of her BluRay caps)


There is no way I can list everything I love about Season 4. There was a lot of drama and fantastic acting, but I am going to focus on some lighter, more cheerful things:

Dean, rehymenated
Sam in that yellow shirt
Dean running from a Yorkie
The boys both have sex (unfortunately, not with each other)
Becky feeling Sam's pecs
Dean's crush on Nick (though that doesn't end well)
The boys learning about fanfiction (oh, if only they had acted some out)
The Eye of the Tiger
Teddy Bear Doctors!!!!!!
Dean convinces his dad to buy the Impala
Dean & Samuel both disgused as priests :D
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Not my favorite, but still loved it. Can't spend a lot of time on this tonight, but here are my favorite episodes:

Bad Day at Black Rock


A Very Supernatural Christmas


Mystery Spot

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I have everyone else's posts bookmarked for later reading, but I thought I should get my own finished before I am too distracted.

What is there not to love about Season 2?

Supernaturals02e09 11934 Jensen got even prettier. Here, have an icon:

SPNs02e21_sam Jared got even prettier. Here, have an icon:

SPNs02e11_samcropped Sam perfected his bitch-face. Icon!:

jared_jensen47 And in no particular order:

  • The introduction of the one perfect tear

  • The Harvelles

  • Crossroads Demons

  • Dean & his mom

  • Creepy clowns

  • Creepy dolls

  • Creepy Bobby (oh, did I say that out loud?)

  • Ash

  • Mandroid!

  • The final scene of that episode, which was brilliant.

  • Yes, the finale. Jared and Jensen rocked that.

  • Heart

  • Jared's chest

  • Dean punching Sam at the end of Born Under a Bad Sign. Hilarious.

  • Brother love and brother angst

  • And so, so much more....

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I've been watching Show from the very start (can't believe it has been 9 years!) and I think I came to it because of Jared Padalecki. I was vaguely aware of Jensen Ackles from Smallville and yes, he was pretty. But I had really liked Jared's character in Gilmore Girls and I wanted to see him in a show again.

Then I met Dean Winchester.

The show had me hooked from the start because of all the pretty, and because of Dean, and well.... because of Dean. But it was the episode "Scarecrow" that changed my thinking from "this show is great fun" to "this is the best goddam show on television."  I have loved a lot of shows (West Wing, Buffy, Firefly, to name a few), but nothing before with the devotion I bring to this show.

I seriously love this picture.

And what has this show done for me?
- It introduced me to fandom
- It made me a whole new group of friends, both real-life and virtual
- It brought me to conventions
- It took me to Haiti (!)
- It got me on YouTube (thanks for that, Misha)
- It inspired me to try to create art, so that I could contribute to fandom
- It gave me the opportunity to be an Exec Producer on a short film (via Alona Tal)
- It even got me laid (though not with anyone related to the show!)

So although I did despair at times (well, almost constantly) during Seasons 6 & 7 and I do think the best is probably far behind us, I still enjoy it thoroughly. I am very excited about season 10 and cannot wait for the premiere.


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