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That's it. Just wanted to bitch.
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The good:
- My bff came to SF this weekend for a wedding and I had a lovely time with her on Friday. We spent the afternoon in the Mission district (where we spent a lot of money on clothes) and then had dinner in Chinatown. She convinced me to buy leggings and boots and though I have to admit it turned out to be a good combination, I would have never chosen to buy those on my own. Also, first time for me buying boots (except for hiking boots, of course).
- I am on vacation! I am at my timeshare in South Lake Tahoe and I think I have the nicest room in this tower. Top floor, end room, overlooking Carson Valley. Here is part of my view:

I am on my own for the first part of the week, but I have a friend from Portland joining me mid-week and then there will be much hiking!

The bad:
- Ever since Friday night I have had a tight throat, which is normally a signal for me that I am getting a cold. I've been downing Emergen-C and I think I am fighting it off. I hope.
- Tonight I broke off a piece of my tooth while I was eating. A small piece and I don't (yet) feel any pain, but now I will have to be careful all week about what I eat until I can get home and see my dentist. Or find a dentist in my insurance network here, which I really don't want to do.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I am off now to work on some story art.
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Some of you may have met Megan Jackson at a Supernatural Con. She is super shy, very self-deprecating, and amazingly sweet. She also takes fabulous photographs, which you can see at

She is participating in a photography contest and it would be great if you could give her some help. Go here: and if you like what you see, please vote for her and leave a comment.
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I went with my friend Carolyn, her son Wyatt and his friend Nate, to Vancouver BC this weekend for a One Republic concert. It was an ab fab weekend. In addition to spending quality time with my BFF Carolyn, having amazing meals, enjoying beautiful weather while biking around Stanley Park, I also got to see one my girls from the first Random Acts Haiti trip and this morning, two other friends from my professional life.

The boys had floor seats, but we were fine with third tier seats for ourselves. Despite the distance, my new camera was able to capture some great shots.


Such an amazing weekend. I was sorry that the SPN filming was finished for the year, but I wouldn't have had stalking time anyway, so that was a good thing.

What was a little weird was staying at the hotel across from the Sheraton and the memories that brought back of three cons there (2010-2012). It made me so sad that the next VanCon will be at a Convention Center. Still not planning on going to that, but I am definitely going to the the Fan Expo next April in Vancouver.
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Cut a nice slice into my finger this afternoon. After 30 minutes of applying pressure it didn't stop bleeding so I called an advice nurse and they wanted me to visit a doctor. But instead of coming into the emergency room to wait around with a lot of sick people, they suggested I go to the Urgent Care facility in Hayward where they could schedule me an appointment. I was planning on spending the afternoon with a friend (our regular Supernatural watching date) and when I called to cancel she offered to bring me there. That was very kind, considering it is a 45-minute trip each way and she hates to drive. But it saved me about three hours on public transportation.

My finger was still bleeding when we got to the clinic, but the doctor said putting in stitches would just make it take longer to heal, so they cleaned it and covered it with iodine and then put those adhesive strips on it to close the wound. Then wrapped it up and put this metal thing over the end to prevent me from knocking my finger against anything and opening up the cut. It is making typing very interesting. Oddly, it hardly hurts. It throbbed a little after I cut it and a few hours ago I felt a few twinges, but took some ibuprofen and now it is fine.

Then we got pizza and went back to her place to eat, drink wine, and watch last week's episode of SPN, which I greatly enjoyed (despite Rowena). So not a completely terrible day.

That was a lot of information about something not very important. Lots of wine = overshare.
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I am participating in a fitness challenge initiated by [ profile] alycat, as are morrezela kelios keep_waking_up fiercelynormal alexisjane fairyniamh somersault_j sleepypercy stripytights melitta4ever sanshal

How are you all doing? I missed yesterday, but am otherwise on track.

I have a friend in beauty school and today I went into The City (i.e., San Francisco) to be his model for a partial foil. I bought an extra box of hair color for home, just in case it didn't go the way we hoped, but I needn't have worried. He did an excellent job -- the highlights add texture to my hair but are very subtle.

As I anticipated, the start of the term has been crazy busy and I have worked late every night and most weekends. It will get better soon. In the meantime, I have tried to keep up with my flist and read some fic, but otherwise haven't had much time to do anything art- or fandom-related. Hopefully soon!
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Entertainment Weekly just cracks me up sometimes:


Has anyone watched this?

more randomness, and the last of the 12 days meme under the cut

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It was bad up in Napa, but around here all seems to be well. It woke me up about 3 am, but didn't even get my heart pumping -- I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

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Since I go home for Christmas, I haven't traveled to see my family for Thanksgiving for the last 20 years. I usually decline invitations and enjoy quiet time alone, but this year I agreed to have dinner with friends. By the time the evening ended we had made reservations to travel to Fairbanks, Alaska, over Christmas, in hopes of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Well, that turned out to be an expensive holiday!

Tomorrow I am going to have to call my mom and tell her my trip home for Christmas is going to greatly abbreviated. I think she'll take it okay.

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Catching up on the last season of Spartacus. Bloodiest one yet.

I have no time for this, but I couldn't resist signing up for this MOOC on epidemics, because I am fascinated by them and know that we are all going to die of tuberculosis.

One cool thing is this game they put together in conjunction with the MOOC, where you get online and scan your area for infected cases. It is turning into a bit of a mystery because some of the volunteer scanners are apparently becoming infected with a mutant strain of the virus. Hopefully I will escape both the primary and mutant strains.


I know I am going to regret taking this course, because I am already paranoid about germs and disease. At the end of this I'll probably move into a bubble.
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I submitted art for the spn_reversebang challenge for the first time, and was very happy to see that people wanted to claim it, even some of my favorite authors. This makes me even more eager to submit art for the Merlin reversebang.


I went to Napa today and stopped at one of my favorite wineries where they were having a Halloween party and a 30% discount on a mixed case of wine. Yay. There were a lot of people there in costume, and some animals, too. This one is blurry because the dog wouldn't stand still and it was dark inside, but hopefully you can make out that he is in an airplane costume. Very cute.


And then I got back in time early enough to go to one of my favorite stores where there was a sale and I bought three shirts and a coat. A good day.

Now to open some wine....
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Getting this messaged to me by a friend on FB made my evening. park
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News about JSTOR access to public:

Also, I work at a library with AMAZING resources so if you are having difficulty tracking something down, feel free to PM me about it and I'll see if I can help.


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