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I am taking a programming in Python MOOC and after completing my first exercise where I created a program, I felt compelled to go rewrite it so it would be Supernatural-themed. Similarly, I have had the opportunity to download a lot of interesting graphics templates and resources and I am always imagining how I can use them for SPN-related art.

Hmm... obsessed much?
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I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and that there is a wonderful new year awaiting you!

Many thanks to [ profile] milly_gal, [ profile] felisblanco, [ profile] sillie82, [ profile] dizzojay, [ profile] cherry619, and [ profile] digitalwave for the cards and to [ profile] fireheart13 for my virtual gift.

I have two New Year's resolutions. One is to do at least one social thing a week because I am spending too much time at home on my computer. I have a head start this week because I have two friends in town that I am seeing today and tomorrow and this Friday I'll be going with a friend to see Timothy Odmundson at SF Sketchfest. Woot!

My other resolution is to read more published fiction. This didn't start well because just three days into the new year I started and then gave up on two books.The Director by David Ignatius started out interesting, but I gave up halfway through when it became a lot more pedestrian and I didn't believe in the characters. Louisa Meets Bear is a book of interconnected short stories, but I didn't like the first one that much and was put off by the second one being written in second person. However, today I started Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer and laughed out loud three times in the first two pages. A good sign!

I am still reading fan fiction, though, and here are two recs of stories I read during my vacation, plus more news ... under the cut
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1. I should be asleep. Why am I still up?

2. $#$%#@$#@#!! There is a spider in my room that escaped my attempts to smush it. Now I am going to have nightmares.

3. I suddenly realized last night how I could do my second [ profile] merlinreversebbart submission without having a full-length photo of Bradley. It's still very much a draft, but I got it sent off in time to be considered for the second round of claims.

4. I am now voting for Stephen in the Alpha Madness competition, but it really blows that Jensen was eliminated.

5. I donated to [ profile] fandomaid and claimed a story by [ profile] ashtraythief. Possibly I'll get a timestamp/sequel to Free to Be You and Me. WOOT!
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I am participating in a fitness challenge initiated by [ profile] alycat, as are morrezela kelios keep_waking_up fiercelynormal alexisjane fairyniamh somersault_j sleepypercy stripytights melitta4ever sanshal

How are you all doing? I missed yesterday, but am otherwise on track.

I have a friend in beauty school and today I went into The City (i.e., San Francisco) to be his model for a partial foil. I bought an extra box of hair color for home, just in case it didn't go the way we hoped, but I needn't have worried. He did an excellent job -- the highlights add texture to my hair but are very subtle.

As I anticipated, the start of the term has been crazy busy and I have worked late every night and most weekends. It will get better soon. In the meantime, I have tried to keep up with my flist and read some fic, but otherwise haven't had much time to do anything art- or fandom-related. Hopefully soon!
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I love my job.
I made it to the gym, even though it was pouring down rain.
It is pouring down rain! Which is great, because it hasn't rained in forever and I always get a little paranoid about traveling in the late fall when it hasn't rained and lightning storms are nigh. Always think I am going to come back to find my place has burned down. Don't scoff, it has happened here.
Where I am traveling is to Burbank for the Con! Yay! I am really looking forward to this one, because I will also be seeing friends who live in LA. I also bought a ticket to the show Jason Manns is doing on Monday. Should be a great weekend.

And @wittertainment has brought this into my life.

I hope your day has been great!
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Cheerios put out an add with an interracial couple and the posting on YouTube was flooded with racist comments. Yay world.

Loved someone's response:

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I'm not advocating for them, I just thought this was amusing. Click on picture to read the story.

And it is September 11 and I know not what to say.


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