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Dec. 12th, 2016 08:41 pm
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These days it seems to take me forever to get through my photos. But here's one from the recent San Francisco Con. I was so amazed that Jensen made it, considering his twins were born just a few (2?) days before he was scheduled to appear.

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Browsing through some caps and couldn't resist posting this.

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Here's a selection of the goodness from the Las Vegas Con. Links to flickr album and zip files at the end of the post.

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You can see my flickr photostream at

Or, if you prefer, you can download the photos from
J2 gold and afternoon panels:
other panels I took pictures of:

You are welcome to use these any way you'd like. Credit would be appreciated.

my favorite

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They can be found here:

VanCon 2012 - J2 panel pt 1

I am staying off LJ until I have a chance to see the Supernatural season premiere, which probably won't be until the middle of next week.
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Here is the link to my album of pictures from the J2 Breakfast at Dallas Con. I am still struggling with figuring out camera settings and realized post-Con that I had my ISO set too high so I have some color irregularities and noise in the photos, but at least I was able to get more that weren't blurry. :D

DallasCon 2012 - J2 Breakfast
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I returned from VanCon with a cold and I've had enough energy to go through my flist and bookmark a ton of things I want to read, but not much else. I took lots of pictures and I think some of them turned out pretty good, but I need to crop them before I put them in albums and post the links. Probably this weekend.

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