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adjustment layer                                    channel mixer

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duotone mauve                                   tritone tweaked

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When I posted a few days ago about my new crush on Scott Eastwood, [ profile] nympha_alba replied that he looked like a cross between Michael Fassbender and Jensen Ackles. I immediately thought of the X and Y files feature in Movieline magazine. So I had to create this.


In case you've never seen it, here's an example of it from an old issue. Click to see larger version.
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Yesterday I played with custom brushes and created two versions of this banner, which could easily turned into a header for a Merlin fic list, if anyone wants it. Just let me know what text you'd like added, BW or color version, and what size (these are 400x200, but they can be larger or smaller).


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Because I have been wanting to make these ever since this pilot aired.


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I spent way too much time today trying to turn this gif that I created into that icon.

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When I saw the tutorial in Photoshop Creative magazine on creating this wanted poster using textures, I immediately saw Dean's face in the image. I can't find the tutorial online, but the textures can be downloaded for free at the Photoshop Creative site. Click on the link for creative textures.

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Fic title: Waiting for the Eastern Glow by [ profile] nympha_alba On AO3
Art by [ profile] matchboximpala
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R
Word Count: ~11k
Warnings: Angst, (canon) death, reincarnation

Camelot, then:
If Merlin was born to serve Arthur, what will become of him now that Arthur is dead? He is nothing without his king, only a sorcerer with no use for his magic…
London, now:
When Merlin sits on a park bench reading, trying to ignore the group of young men playing football on the lawn, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever – or that he has reason to know better than anyone what the word "forever" really means.

Art notes:
It wasn't long before [ profile] merlinreversebb claiming that I read and really enjoyed The View From the Mountain by [ profile] nympha_alba, so I was pretty thrilled to have an art submission claimed by her. I am not disappointed -- Waiting for the Eastern Glow is a lovely story and it inspired me to create a gif that I am pretty happy with. A big thanks to [ profile] chosenfire28 for organizing this.



Photo of London is from Flickr Commons.
Photo of Camelot is a screenshot.
Font is Harrington.
Blending photo technique from this tutorial:
A big thank you to [ profile] amphigoury who beta'd this for me. I didn't incorporate the changes suggested because I had difficulty executing them, but I greatly appreciate the time and effort!



For the gif I used a screenshot from the last episode. I made a selection of Merlin and copied it onto a transparent layer. I then removed Merlin from the original image using the content-aware fill tool and duplicated the altered layer multiple times. On each successive layer I gradually reduced the saturation, lightened the image, and added noise. I duplicated the Merlin layer and then merged his figure onto each of the other layers so it appeared that the world was changing around him. Then I created the animation. A larger version of it can be found on my tumblr.

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Title: No Satisfaction (SPN/Mission: Impossible 1966, part of the Wind of Change AU) PDF
Author: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie)
Pairing: Gen with dubious Dana/OMC and brief did-they-or-didn't-they Dana/Paris
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 23,754
Disclaimer: Not mine... and that might be a good thing.
Warnings: Cult practices, mind control, drug use, references to dub-con
Summary: Rather than breaking the Great Wall of Sam to sideline the Winchesters at the end of Season 6, Cas stranded them in 1969, whereupon the brothers not only began trying to fix the timeline but also joined the IMF. Two years later, they've already taken out Azazel, with Gabriel's help, and cemented their role as Team Phelps' paranormal experts. So when Jim gets word of a cult being built up as cover for extracting classified information from its unwary members, he calls Sam and Dean--only for them to discover that the chief source of the cult leader's power is Famine's ring. Yet even after the brothers, working with Barney and Willy, reveal a still darker layer to the secrets lurking beneath the cult's idyllic veneer, Jim insists on having Paris and Dana infiltrate and help bring the cult down from inside. It's one of those missions where Murphy's Law applies in spades, and as if Paris being a shapeshifter weren't hazard enough, things get complicated in a hurry when Dana develops a raging case of the baby bug. Can Sam and Dean get the ring back in time to save their team... and what will they do with the ring if they succeed?

My notes:
What a terrific story! I hadn't read the other two stories that preceded this until after I claimed this one, but I immediately went to find them and have greatly enjoyed all three. And what inspiration it provided! I latched onto this idea of integrating the SPN characters into the show's introduction and couldn't let it go, despite it being way beyond my Photoshop skill level. I initially thought I could manage a series of gifs (all of the parts together would have created a gif file too big to post anywhere), but [ profile] ramblin_rosie suggested mixing in the music and a friend supplied me with a shortened version of the theme.

Then I had to learn how to use a video editing program.

The saga of my flailing around for the last two months trying to pull this together is described below, underneath the cut. Feel free to ignore it and just enjoy the art!

The video (note that when it starts all you see is a black screen. This is intentional.):

The banner and chapter headers:


The book cover:


The saga:
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