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I was so sorry to hear today the news that [ profile] texasfandoodler (Felicity Poole) was killed in a fire. Her sister sent out messages to people she found in her sister's email, letting us know what happened. The fire was completely devastating and in addition to losing Felicity, the family also lost their home.
Here is the link to the news story about the fire and about the fundraiser Felicity's sister set up.
Amarillo woman turns to GoFundMe to help family after devastating fire

[ profile] texasfandoodler was an amazing artist and a dedicated contributor to the Merlin fandom. I can't tell you how much she will be missed.

You can find her work here:
Here is one of my favorites:


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Snaffled from a bunch of people.


Do you want to receive a letter via snail-mail? Comment to this post with up to 5 subjects/ questions (fandom/real life, doesn’t matter) you want me to write about. Comments are screened and you can either PM it to me, or send me an email at matchboximpala [at] gmail [dot] com. Once I've got your address, I'll send you a handwritten letter about the subjects you gave me/ answers to the questions you gave me. This is open to anyone on my flists, no matter where you're from. I don't mind sending mail overseas.
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I can't really imagine going through something like this and not having resources to fall back on. I know not everyone has the resources to help, but if you are able to make even a small donation, I am sure it would be appreciated.

Originally posted by dolnmoon at Get by with a little help from my friends
I don't usually ask for help but since I am in dire straights atm and with the need for funds to live on after my surgery for two months, I am asking for help.

If you could and would please boost my signal as I have done for so many others who needed help and have helped so many others in need in this fandom, I would appreciate it.

My Char's medical fund

If you didn't see my post about my upcoming surgery here it is
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My held mail finally was delivered today and I want to thank those of you who sent me cards (a few I received before I left town, but most came while I was away): [ profile] milly_gal, [ profile] enablelove, [ profile] sillie82, [ profile] dugindeep, [ profile] raloria, [ profile] cherry916, [ profile] alezig, and [ profile] cleflink (which came with a story that I loved!).

Thank yous also to [ profile] digitalwave for the e-card and to [ profile] firesign10 for the virtual gift. I also received from [ profile] fannishliss a music playlist for walking, which I plan to try out this week.

My [ profile] merlin_holidays gift An Equal Exchange was written by [AO3 account] glim, and it was fabulous. [ profile] dodger_sister gave me one of her Mistletoes fics: a very cute story about an adorkable Dean and Cas called Merry Measure.

I also want to mention another adorable story I received in exchange for a donation: Soup Magic by [ profile] morganoconner. It is a follow-up to her first J2 story, Kitchen Magic.

As for my holidays, they were as good as I had hoped. I had 8 days away from work and didn't relax much, but was able to spend time with many friends and family members. Christmas in Seattle was at first rainy, then clear and very cold. The "bluest skies you've ever seen" were absolutely beautiful and reminded me how much I love Seattle. The cold and rain reminded me how much I love living in the Bay area.

I'm back at work now and enjoying the short lull before spring term starts and my life becomes an absolute madhouse.

Happy New Year to you all!
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to [ profile] cherry916, for completing her AA degree!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] raloria. Thanks for all the amazing things you do to contribute to this fantastic fandom. 
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Happy birthday to [ profile] anyothergirl415, whom I miss.

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I don't think I have gone through my f-list since joining LJ, and there are a lot of names on it of people who aren't active anymore, or who have moved on to different fandoms. So if you've been unfriended, it is nothing personal! And if you want to be friended again, let me know. 


Feb. 13th, 2014 01:10 am
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And a very happy one, I hope, to two of my favorite authors, [ profile] sweet_lyri and [ profile] house_of_lantis


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