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Title: Never Stay Buried
Author: [ profile] paopu_parachute
Pairings/characters: Gwen/Lance, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Eira
Word Count: 27,220
Warnings: blood, gore, violence, death, zombies
Summary:On a particularly nondescript day, Arthur comes home in a panic and drags everyone off to a base where his father works. By noon, the world they knew is gone. They are now living in an unrelenting zombie apocalypse where just surviving is the hardest thing to do.
Somehow, Gwen has to find a way to drag everyone from the blood, tears and ashes and figure out how to just stay alive.

Story link: AO3 Link

This was a great project to work on, though I wrestled a bit with how to capture the tone of the story. It inspired me to try something new, and I am pretty happy with the results.

I'm glad I got to work with you [ profile] paopu_parachute!

Thanks to [ profile] ac_mod for doing such a great job running this challenge.

Under the cut is a detailed account of the steps I took in making this image, with the exception of some small tweaks that I can't even remember now. Sources are also included.

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My art for [ profile] aftercamlann.

Title: The School of Merlin
Author: Aelys_Althea
Pairings/characters: Gen
Rating: M - for themes
Word Count: ~176'000
Warnings: Bullying and bullying violence included.
Summary: Merlin has a secret. A secret he knows he must guard with his life because most of the world won't understand. They'll think him Bad, Evil, Dark. So he keeps it hidden.
Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out.
In a world of magic, a world of learning that magic, of embracing it and exploring the wonders it can perform, Merlin is different. He's always been different, and that difference could be dangerous if he lets it run untethered and raging. What better solution could there be than to learn to tame his wayward power?
No one ever told him that school could be so terrifying, and that was to say nothing of the people there.

Story link:

Artist notes: First, thanks so much to the mods for doing such a great job running this challenge!
I've only read a few stories that put the Merlin characters into the Harry Potter 'verse and all of those were crossovers. This was the first story I have read that completely relocated the characters into this world and I was captivated by how familiar it was, yet how very original the author made it. It was a wonderful read and I wait with great anticipation for future installments. The story also inspired many ideas for art -- there were at least nine scenes I wanted to illustrate, but unfortunately only managed two. I appreciate the input Aelys_Althea gave me -- she was a terrific collaborator. I also must give many thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] sophiap.


Cover version:

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Author name: elenyasblood
Artist name: [ profile] matchboximpala
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R
Word count: 51,721
Warnings: See tags on AO3 post
Summary: Jensen's life is falling apart; with his formerly booming business going bankrupt, he's losing his girlfriend, his money and his direction. To add insult to injury, he finds himself doing community service as a janitor in a mental hospital after having racked up one too many speeding tickets. But between scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors, Jensen saves the life of a young patient named Jared and is shocked when he follows him home. Weirdly, Jared seems insistent about wanting to stay with Jensen despite them being strangers, making every further discussion futile. Running out of time and too compassionate to leave Jared all alone, Jensen makes a momentous decision: instead of escorting the shy young man back to the hospital like he probably should, he lets him tag along to his brother’s wedding, and together they embark on a journey through the summer-hot, golden South that will shake both their lives to the very foundations.

Link to fic

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This post is for listing persistent links to my Con photos, screencaps from Supernatural and Merlin, my art, and other miscellaneous stuff. It is a work in progress.

Art at,under art tag in LJ, and some at AO3.

Supernatural Caps
Blu-ray caps, sized 1920x1080. Each folder contains approximately 2000-2200 files.   When I have been able to find them, I've also included in the folders the behind-the-scenes photos and stills from the episodes.

Season 2, Episodes 1-19

Zip files of caps are located at


Merlin Caps:
Blu-ray caps, sized 1920x1080. Each folder contains between 1000-1200 files.

Zip files of caps are located at

Season 1, Episodes 1-13
Season 1, Black Knight and 2 Behind the Magic special features
Season 2, Episodes 1-9


SPN Convention Photos:
Zip files of photos are located at

2016-05 Ladies of SPN Con
2015-11 DenverCon J2 Gold Panel

The Living and the Dead Caps: Zip files are located at:
Episode 1-5
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Fic Title/Link: Words I'll Never Say
Author Name/Link: brochestersintheimpala
Artist Name/Link: [ profile] matchboximpala
Art Link: AO3
Category: Big Bang
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary:Over the next four years Sam and Dean will struggle to come to terms with the hidden feelings revealed in Sam's journal. At the point when Sam has almost moved on, Dean shows up in the middle of the night whisking him away back to the life he thought he left behind and reawakening all the emotions he so desperately tried to push away, causing both Sam and Dean to finally confront the feelings between them head-on.


Additional graphics behind cut are spoilery-ish. )

Font used for diary entries is Daniel by Daniel Midgley (
Font in banner is Immortal by apostrophic labs (
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Title: Come Back and Haunt Me
Author(s): [ profile] geekslave
Artist: [ profile] matchboximpala
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: Modern AU. University setting. Some would say Arthur and Merlin don't have the most auspicious first meeting - unless you consider breaking and entering an excellent icebreaker. Merlin never planned on committing his first felony that night, but he'll do anything for a friend and, unfortunately his friend Will doesn't always make good choices. Arthur is certainly not happy to see Merlin in his home, though his dog somehow takes to Merlin instantly. Merlin is wearing a mask that night, but it may only be a matter of time before Arthur can put a name to the voice (and ears).
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.
Author's notes: See fic post
Story link: at AO3
Art link: Also at AO3
Artist's notes:
Created for [ profile] aftercamlann. Many thanks to the mods of that challenge, who do such a wonderful job organizing it. Thanks for your hard work -- this is one of my favorite challenges and I hope it continues.

I was really happy to claim this story by [ profile] geekslave as the Merlin/Arthur college AU is one of my favorite tropes. This was a great read -- you can find the story here.

And again may thanks to [ profile] sophiap for her keen eye.


Dividers and credits under the cut )






Textures are by hybrid-genesis and rosebfischer
Font is Bradley Hand ITC regular (Microsoft)
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Fic Title: Putting the Pieces Back Together
Author: [ profile] aeris444
Artist: [ profile] matchboximpala
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Colin is moving into a new house. As he's packing his things, he finds memorabilia of "Merlin" and starts to thing about missed opportunities and loneliness but isn't it too late?

Notes: Thank you to the mods of [ profile] merlinreversebb - a challenge like this takes some real organization skills and a lot of dedication. I really appreciate your efforts!

[ profile] aeris444 was a wonderful collaborator -- providing feedback and supplying me with some images and suggestions. (My favorite was the suggestion to include a map of Wales with sheep drawn on it.)
The art was improved immensely because of feedback from [ profile] sophiap, who has been a wonderful beta.

My original submission to merlinreversebb:


The final product:


More graphics and credits )
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Title: Canvas of Dreams
Author(s): [ profile] eurydice72
Artist: [ profile] matchboximpala
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin
Story link:
Notes: [ profile] sophiap has been absolutely indespensible to me this summer as a beta and I have to give her all the props.
[ profile] eurydice72 took my intial drafty-drafty art submission and wrote an original, intriguing, and evocative story. I feel really lucky to have my art attached to it. And a big shout out to the mods of [ profile] merlinreversebb -- [ profile] witchyemerald and [ profile] chosenfire28 for all their hard work.

Art also at AO3


Paintbrush photo from
Paintings in Piazza Navona
Artist's hand
Canvas texture from
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Fic title: By a Single Thread
Author name: [ profile] dimpled_sammy
Artist name: [ profile] matchboximpala
Link to fic: LJ

What a great story this was to work with! It inspired all sorts of ideas for art, though I'm afraid I had to give up on one of them because it was too difficult to execute.

A big thanks to my author, who fully participated in the development in the art, which I greatly appreciated. I also received some excellent guidance and suggestions from [ profile] sophiap, who is graciously beta'ing all the art I've been working on this summer.  And last, but not least, a big thanks to [ profile] wendy for running this show once again.



CD case & tracklist
CD_case_spn_j2_bigbang Tracklist_spn_j2_bigbang1

Divider example:

Font is grant's ghosts by kevinandamanda (
Birds brushes from
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Fic title: My Only Sin is I Can't Win
Artist name: [ profile] matchboximpala
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: G
Summary: On January 1st following their 22nd birthday, everyone on the planet switches bodies with their One for twenty-four hours. You learn about your One from their friends and their family, and then after you switch back you live happily ever after. At least, that's what the movies say. But Jensen swaps into the body of an 18-year-old kid, and outside of those weird art-house movies no one really talks about what happens when your One is younger than you, or how much work everything is.


Notes: I hope this story is eventually completed and posted, because what I read of it was terrific. Thanks again to [ profile] wendy for managing this amazing challenge for another year. A big thank you must go out to [ profile] sophiap who beta'd this art, as well as four other projects. Her input was invaluable. Thanks so much, lady!

Some credits:
Font is Miserably Lose by kevinandamanda
Canvas texture from
hg_texture398 from
fauxism-org-texture002 (1) from
26022014790.jpg from
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I was planning on working during the holiday today to earn comp time for a day off next week, but  decided I had too much to do to ready my home for visitors who will be staying in my home while I am away this weekend, packing, and working on ART.

All those good intentions of not signing up for fests and challenges this year have flown out the proverbial window. (bye-bye!) I've made progress on 4 of 5, but am still not where I want to be. Having a beta would help, so if you have an eye for composition and color or just some skills with using graphics programs, I'd love your input.

(ETA: Found a beta!)

July 17 - spn_j2_bigbang for [ profile] clex_monkie89
Aug 10 - spn_j2_bigbang for [ profile] dimpled_sammy
unassigned  - merlinreversebb with [ profile] aeris444
unassigned - merlinreversebb with [ profile] eurydice72
unassigned - aftercamlann for [ profile] geekslave

And artist claims for wincestbigbang are July 19.

Another distraction is THIS:

Ask The Maker 2015

You can ask about techniques used on different icons and the makers post tutorials. I have about 8 so far that I have bookmarked and I want to try out some new things for the [ profile] spn20_20 challenge #10, which is making any 20 icons depicting what you love about the show. I am going to try very hard not to make them all Dean icons. :D
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adjustment layer                                    channel mixer

arthurbw_adjustmentlayers_200 arthurbw_channelmixer_200

duotone mauve                                   tritone tweaked

arthurbw_duotoneeffects_mauve_200 arthurbw_tritonetweaked_200
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Because there are more authors than writers participating in merlinreversebb, they are acccepting additional art submissions until 4/28. I have an idea and most of what I need EXCEPT a full-length picture of Bradley James, from the back. Preferably from not too far away and of decent quality and size. I have looked through every source I can find and have been completely unsuccessful. I can find a full view of Arthur, but that doesn't fit with what I want to do.

If you know of any photos that will work, please direct me to them! Your help will be greatly appreciated.

And if you know of any good communities for this type of question, let me know that, too.
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Banner for [ profile] halfshellvenus:
Art to celebrate the 5th anniversary of  [ profile] felisblanco's The Doors of Time:
Video and art for [ profile] ramblin_rosie's [ profile] spnaubigbang:
Art for [ profile] merlinreversebbArt for [ profile] merlin_art_fest:
Art for [ profile] spn_meanttobe:
Art for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang claims:Art for [ profile] aftercamlann claims:Art for [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang claim.
Art for Sam & Dean mini bang claim.
[ profile] merlin_holidays gift:
Art for [ profile] merlinrpf mini bang:

Misc art posts: Dean Wanted

Smiling Dean
Dean is Not Wearing Plaid
Drinking Dean
Dean is not driving the Impala
Dean has bowlegs
Dean restrained
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A Stormy Beginning was submitted to [ profile] merlin_holidays as a gift for [ profile] candymacaron. Click on images for larger versions or download the pdf.


I’d like to add a shout-out to [ profile] malu_3, as it was my recent read of her There Are No Gays in Football that inspired me to make Arthur a football player instead of a model, as suggested by [ profile] candymacaron's prompt.

This is the first (and perhaps will be the only) thing I have ever written for a fandom. :D

Created in Adobe InDesign CC (first time using program!)
Picture of Bradley playing football is from
Photo studio
Pictures of Arthur from Merlin's Keep
and from a_shot_of_brad
Picture of Bradley and Colin from here (but I don't know the original source)
Manip'd photographer pic is from
Story title font is Theano Didot
Text font is Times New Roman
Photo blurb font is Calibri
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Title: Appreciation
Artist: [ profile] matchboximpala
Rating: G
Pairings: Colin/Bradley
Word Count: 12
Content Notes/Warnings: None

Summary: Bradley wants Colin to know that he is appreciated.


Notes: Created for the [ profile] merlinrpf minibang. Built the image in Adobe Lightroom and exported it as a PDF. In Adobe Acrobat I saved it as a JPEG and then imported it into Adobe InDesign, which allowed me to add the page turn transition. Most difficult? Trying to find a program that would allow me to (easily) animate opening a greeting card. Couldn't find one.
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Title: I don't think the world is sold (I'm just doing what we're told)
Author: [ profile] caranfindel
Summary: After Sam jumps into the cage with Lucifer, Dean would do anything to undo it. What happens when he is given that opportunity?

Notes: This was a great story and gave me a lot of inspiration, so much so that I went in two very different directions with it. I liked how both turned out -- I'm glad [ profile] caranfindel made the final decision on the banner.

Here tis':





Alternative version:




Road  Juan Alberto Garcia Rivera
timetravel clock
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Title: The Only One I Wanna Touch
author: [ profile] katstark

Art notes: Whew! Down to the wire there. Thanks so much to my very patient author.


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There is nothing that I have put more time and effort into than this video I created for an [ profile] spnaubigbang story written by [ profile] ramblin_rosie.
I feel the need to post it here again, not so I can get comments -- which I have disabled -- but just because I think it is pretty cool and I'd like more people to see it (and hopefully go read the series of stories, which are pretty great).

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Title: Mr. Spooky
Author: [ profile] derenai
Summary: Being a ghost is not fun and Arthur would know because he’s been one for years, some of the major inconvenients being that no one can see, hear or touch him. The most irritating thing, though, are the people settling in his house as if he didn't exist. Hopefully, it’s not hard to scare them away. Everything changes when he meets Merlin, a very unusual tenant.

Thank you, [ profile] derenai, for getting a very late posting date so that I could work with you on this. It's a great story and there is so much more I would have loved to have done with it.

I have to give credit for the overall idea for the banner to [ profile] nusseis, who created this amazing piece for the [ profile] merlinreversebb this spring.

Banner Notes


Link to larger version of banner

More details and art behind the cut.

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