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Title: Never Stay Buried
Author: [ profile] paopu_parachute
Pairings/characters: Gwen/Lance, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Eira
Word Count: 27,220
Warnings: blood, gore, violence, death, zombies
Summary:On a particularly nondescript day, Arthur comes home in a panic and drags everyone off to a base where his father works. By noon, the world they knew is gone. They are now living in an unrelenting zombie apocalypse where just surviving is the hardest thing to do.
Somehow, Gwen has to find a way to drag everyone from the blood, tears and ashes and figure out how to just stay alive.

Story link: AO3 Link

This was a great project to work on, though I wrestled a bit with how to capture the tone of the story. It inspired me to try something new, and I am pretty happy with the results.

I'm glad I got to work with you [ profile] paopu_parachute!

Thanks to [ profile] ac_mod for doing such a great job running this challenge.

Under the cut is a detailed account of the steps I took in making this image, with the exception of some small tweaks that I can't even remember now. Sources are also included.

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My art for [ profile] aftercamlann.

Title: The School of Merlin
Author: Aelys_Althea
Pairings/characters: Gen
Rating: M - for themes
Word Count: ~176'000
Warnings: Bullying and bullying violence included.
Summary: Merlin has a secret. A secret he knows he must guard with his life because most of the world won't understand. They'll think him Bad, Evil, Dark. So he keeps it hidden.
Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out.
In a world of magic, a world of learning that magic, of embracing it and exploring the wonders it can perform, Merlin is different. He's always been different, and that difference could be dangerous if he lets it run untethered and raging. What better solution could there be than to learn to tame his wayward power?
No one ever told him that school could be so terrifying, and that was to say nothing of the people there.

Story link:

Artist notes: First, thanks so much to the mods for doing such a great job running this challenge!
I've only read a few stories that put the Merlin characters into the Harry Potter 'verse and all of those were crossovers. This was the first story I have read that completely relocated the characters into this world and I was captivated by how familiar it was, yet how very original the author made it. It was a wonderful read and I wait with great anticipation for future installments. The story also inspired many ideas for art -- there were at least nine scenes I wanted to illustrate, but unfortunately only managed two. I appreciate the input Aelys_Althea gave me -- she was a terrific collaborator. I also must give many thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] sophiap.


Cover version:

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Title: Come Back and Haunt Me
Author(s): [ profile] geekslave
Artist: [ profile] matchboximpala
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: Modern AU. University setting. Some would say Arthur and Merlin don't have the most auspicious first meeting - unless you consider breaking and entering an excellent icebreaker. Merlin never planned on committing his first felony that night, but he'll do anything for a friend and, unfortunately his friend Will doesn't always make good choices. Arthur is certainly not happy to see Merlin in his home, though his dog somehow takes to Merlin instantly. Merlin is wearing a mask that night, but it may only be a matter of time before Arthur can put a name to the voice (and ears).
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.
Author's notes: See fic post
Story link: at AO3
Art link: Also at AO3
Artist's notes:
Created for [ profile] aftercamlann. Many thanks to the mods of that challenge, who do such a wonderful job organizing it. Thanks for your hard work -- this is one of my favorite challenges and I hope it continues.

I was really happy to claim this story by [ profile] geekslave as the Merlin/Arthur college AU is one of my favorite tropes. This was a great read -- you can find the story here.

And again may thanks to [ profile] sophiap for her keen eye.


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Textures are by hybrid-genesis and rosebfischer
Font is Bradley Hand ITC regular (Microsoft)
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AC Banner 350size

AfterCamlann, the Merlin Big Bang is Back for 2015!

Sign ups are now open HERE for Writers, Artists, Betas & Cheerleaders. Come be part of the fun this year!

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Title: Mr. Spooky
Author: [ profile] derenai
Summary: Being a ghost is not fun and Arthur would know because he’s been one for years, some of the major inconvenients being that no one can see, hear or touch him. The most irritating thing, though, are the people settling in his house as if he didn't exist. Hopefully, it’s not hard to scare them away. Everything changes when he meets Merlin, a very unusual tenant.

Thank you, [ profile] derenai, for getting a very late posting date so that I could work with you on this. It's a great story and there is so much more I would have loved to have done with it.

I have to give credit for the overall idea for the banner to [ profile] nusseis, who created this amazing piece for the [ profile] merlinreversebb this spring.

Banner Notes


Link to larger version of banner

More details and art behind the cut.

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Title: The Golden Dragon on AO3
Author: [ profile] sidhe_faerie
Summary: Maltese Falcon AU. Merlin races against Morgana to find the Golden Dragon which holds the secret to the location of the source of all magick. Morgana is looking for a long hidden statue but Merlin has the real story from Prime Minister Uther Pendragon. Arthur Pendragon and his singer girlfriend Gwen Leodegrance get caught up between the sorcerers as their race to find the Golden Dragon comes to a head.

Art notes: As soon as I read the summary for this story, I knew I wanted to do a movie poster. Inspiration came from a Google search for 1940s movie posters, The End title card was [ profile] sidhe_faerie's excellent idea. A big thanks to [ profile] puckboum and [ profile] spacealtie for their super-fast beta turnarounds. (Silly me thought our posting date was Aug 28. Apparently I cannot read.) They both gave me excellent advice, which I incorporated in different versions of the poster. The one here is what [ profile] sidhe_faerie chose for her story. All of the versions can be found here.



Sources for images:
Dragon image was a clipart found on Google images, but I can't find it again to source it. Note to self: Take better notes!
Gwen: (Merlin's Keep)
Morgana:  (Merlin's Keep)
Merlin: (Merlin's Keep)

Title: LHF Cincinnati poster by Arthur Vanson

First names: Vladimir Script

The End title card:


Font: Dorchester
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I'm a little surprised these haven't all been snatched up, because there are still some great stories unclaimed at [ profile] aftercamlann.
The claiming post is here.

After Camlann: a Merlin Big Bang


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