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I have added caps for episode 8 (Crossroad Blues) to the season 2 folder at Zipped files can be found at

Selections below:
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I have added caps for episode 7 (The Usual Suspects) to the season 2 folder at Zipped files can be found at

The caps are 1920x1080.

Some pretties below the cut (I must say both the boys looked particularly good this episode).

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I have added caps for episodes 5 & 6 to the season 2 folder at Zipped files can be found at

Here are some lovely pictures of the boys:

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I was going to do that 100 days of happiness meme, but I had to acknowledge I don't have the discipline for that. Instead, I'll just post some things that have made me happy recently. :D

The Debate. I don't think that anything Donald does will change the minds of his supporters, but I was still pleased to see how well Hillary kept her cool and how she needled Donald. Yes, I do wish both candidates would have focused more on their policies (does Donald have them?) rather than attacking each other, but I think there were some things that Hillary had to address. Now I am waiting to hear how Donald is going to weasel out of the next two debates.

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And my posting of the mxa_news newsletter is going to be late tonight because I cannot stop reading the post-debate tweets. Hilarious.
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It was too hot to do anything this weekend except sit around and watch movies while a fan blew hot air on me. I occupied myself part of the time with sorting through screencaps of SPN episodes and finally uploading them to the cloud. This information about the file locations has been added to my sticky post:

Supernatural Caps
Blu-ray caps, sized 1920x1080. Each folder contains approximately 2000-2200 files.   When I have been able to find them, I've also included in the folders the behind-the-scenes photos and stills from the episodes.

Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Zip files of caps are located at

Feel free to take whatever you like -- that's why I am sharing them.

I had to post this one because I never notice before how much pain Jared was in during this shot. His poor arm. :(

Dean's eyebrow.
(I swear this is unedited. How can it look so much like a painting?)

I guess I'll add a rundown of the movies I watched, too.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - I love Andy Samberg, but I'm still only giving this a 6/10.
The Big Short - 9/10. So good. So infuriating.
Warcraft - 6/10. Really dumb, but I enjoyed it.
Our Kind of Traitor - 6/10. Meh.
Max - 2/10. Couldn't make it past the first 10 minutes.
ARQ - 8/10. Derivative, but good.
X-Men: Apocalypse - 3/10. Couldn't make it past 20 minutes. YAWN.
Bastille Day - 3/10. Couldn't finish this one either. I love Idris Elba but this was a hot mess.

And right now I am watching the three-part remake of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Highly recommend it!
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I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but here's another opportunity to watch this brilliance again.

And if anyone is considering voting for Gary Johnson, here are many, many good reasons why you should not:

He supports TPP. (
He supports fracking.
He opposes any federal policies that would make college more affordable or reduce student debt. In fact, he wants to abolish student loans entirely.
He thinks Citizens United is great. (
He doesn't want to raise the minimum wage. At all.
He favors a balanced-budget amendment and has previously suggested that he would slash federal spending 43 percent in order to balance the budget. This would require massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and social welfare programs of all kinds.
He opposes net neutrality.
He wants to increase the Social Security retirement age to 75 and he's open to privatization.
He opposes any kind of national health care and wants to repeal Obamacare.
He opposes practically all forms of gun control.
He opposes any kind of paid maternity or medical leave.
He supported the Keystone XL pipeline.
He opposes any government action to address climate change.
He wants to cut the corporate tax rate to zero.
He appears to believe that we should reduce financial regulation. All we need to do is allow big banks to fail and everything will be OK.
He wants to remove the Fed's mandate to maximize employment and has spoken favorably of returning to the gold standard.
He wants to block-grant Medicare and turn it over to the states.
He wants to repeal the 16th Amendment and eliminate the income tax, the payroll tax, and the estate tax. He would replace it with a 28 percent FairTax that exempts the poor. This is equivalent to a 39 percent sales tax, and it would almost certainly represent a large tax cut for the rich.

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Click on the picture to see my Flickr album of photos from the Heroes & Villains FanFest I attended in San Jose, CA, last month.

Heroes & Villains FanFest

I hadn't realized until attending that this Con is organized by Stephen Amell and a friend of his. I liked that it was small enough that you could see everything and the lines weren't ridiculously long. I decided against getting pictures, but I got four autographs. I wanted to add Katie Cassidy's and Amy Gumenick's autographs to my Supernatural book and then decided to have Stephen Amell and Clark Gregg sign it, too, since I didn't have anything else I wanted them to sign.

Clark (because I call him Clark now, haha) was super sweet and I love him to pieces.

(Also, you'll note that there are a few blurry pictures of people doing pushups -- someone in the audience asked most of the panelists to do the 22 Push-up Challenge. I was impressed that so many were able to do it!)
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Title: Never Stay Buried
Author: [ profile] paopu_parachute
Pairings/characters: Gwen/Lance, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Eira
Word Count: 27,220
Warnings: blood, gore, violence, death, zombies
Summary:On a particularly nondescript day, Arthur comes home in a panic and drags everyone off to a base where his father works. By noon, the world they knew is gone. They are now living in an unrelenting zombie apocalypse where just surviving is the hardest thing to do.
Somehow, Gwen has to find a way to drag everyone from the blood, tears and ashes and figure out how to just stay alive.

Story link: AO3 Link

This was a great project to work on, though I wrestled a bit with how to capture the tone of the story. It inspired me to try something new, and I am pretty happy with the results.

I'm glad I got to work with you [ profile] paopu_parachute!

Thanks to [ profile] ac_mod for doing such a great job running this challenge.

Under the cut is a detailed account of the steps I took in making this image, with the exception of some small tweaks that I can't even remember now. Sources are also included.

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Episode 3 caps have been added to the folder at

I used a few caps to play around with Lightroom Presets and the results are under the cut.

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Sep. 15th, 2016 10:50 pm
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[ profile] merlinreverse has arrived!!

Get excited for the new Merlin Reverse Bang community!
Calling all artists, writers, people near and far, sign ups open October 10th!!
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My art for [ profile] aftercamlann.

Title: The School of Merlin
Author: Aelys_Althea
Pairings/characters: Gen
Rating: M - for themes
Word Count: ~176'000
Warnings: Bullying and bullying violence included.
Summary: Merlin has a secret. A secret he knows he must guard with his life because most of the world won't understand. They'll think him Bad, Evil, Dark. So he keeps it hidden.
Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out.
In a world of magic, a world of learning that magic, of embracing it and exploring the wonders it can perform, Merlin is different. He's always been different, and that difference could be dangerous if he lets it run untethered and raging. What better solution could there be than to learn to tame his wayward power?
No one ever told him that school could be so terrifying, and that was to say nothing of the people there.

Story link:

Artist notes: First, thanks so much to the mods for doing such a great job running this challenge!
I've only read a few stories that put the Merlin characters into the Harry Potter 'verse and all of those were crossovers. This was the first story I have read that completely relocated the characters into this world and I was captivated by how familiar it was, yet how very original the author made it. It was a wonderful read and I wait with great anticipation for future installments. The story also inspired many ideas for art -- there were at least nine scenes I wanted to illustrate, but unfortunately only managed two. I appreciate the input Aelys_Althea gave me -- she was a terrific collaborator. I also must give many thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] sophiap.


Cover version:

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Browsing through some caps and couldn't resist posting this.

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At the Ladies of SPN convention.

with Nina Winkler, Kelli Ogmundson, Vivien Elizabeth Armour, and Natalie Sharp.

It was their idea to take the picture -- they loved the book. My version doesn't include Season 10 so I had them sign on pictures of the characters they played. They were all so sweet -- seriously, really great.

Someone finally got some videos and good pictures up on the FB page. My photos of it are linked from my sticky post.
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The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP

I think this is my favorite:


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