Nov. 2nd, 2016

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Tonight I answered a call from an unknown number, which I NEVER do, because I thought it might be someone calling to confirm my shift to "text for Hillary" at a local call center tomorrow night. Instead, it was someone calling me to ask for another donation to Hillary's campaign, which is being triple matched by some donor (or organization, I don't remember). She asked for $200 and she was so shocked when I said yes. It was kind of funny. Poor woman then had to read to me all these federally mandated statements, including one that required her to list all 50 states. She definitely earned that donation.

I mailed my ballot yesterday. I mailed my ballot 2 weeks ago, but when I received another one in the mail a week after, I realized I must have filled out and mailed someone else's. Oops. I had to call the county election commission and ask them what to do and they said it would be fine if I just filled out the one with my name on it -- the other one won't count because my signature isn't going to match the name that shows up when they scan the barcode.  I really hope they send out a new ballot to that person.

I've been busy. And sick. And then busy some more. So I haven't done much more than post screencaps and read some fanfiction (and comment, too!) and catch up with a few people whose posts come into my inbox. I hope everyone is doing well.

Some trivia for those of you who watch MARVEL's Agents of SHIELD - one of the extras in the last episode (the one in this picture holding the safety glasses) is an old friend from college, whom I've mentioned before. I've seen him in small roles in a few TV shows and he is fine, but he is an amazing stage actor. His name's Dan Donohue -- if you ever have a chance to see him on stage, do it.


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