Sep. 25th, 2016

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It was too hot to do anything this weekend except sit around and watch movies while a fan blew hot air on me. I occupied myself part of the time with sorting through screencaps of SPN episodes and finally uploading them to the cloud. This information about the file locations has been added to my sticky post:

Supernatural Caps
Blu-ray caps, sized 1920x1080. Each folder contains approximately 2000-2200 files.   When I have been able to find them, I've also included in the folders the behind-the-scenes photos and stills from the episodes.

Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Zip files of caps are located at

Feel free to take whatever you like -- that's why I am sharing them.

I had to post this one because I never notice before how much pain Jared was in during this shot. His poor arm. :(

Dean's eyebrow.
(I swear this is unedited. How can it look so much like a painting?)

I guess I'll add a rundown of the movies I watched, too.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - I love Andy Samberg, but I'm still only giving this a 6/10.
The Big Short - 9/10. So good. So infuriating.
Warcraft - 6/10. Really dumb, but I enjoyed it.
Our Kind of Traitor - 6/10. Meh.
Max - 2/10. Couldn't make it past the first 10 minutes.
ARQ - 8/10. Derivative, but good.
X-Men: Apocalypse - 3/10. Couldn't make it past 20 minutes. YAWN.
Bastille Day - 3/10. Couldn't finish this one either. I love Idris Elba but this was a hot mess.

And right now I am watching the three-part remake of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Highly recommend it!


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