Jan. 17th, 2016

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If you don't, I am not recommending it. It will eat your life.

If you do, here is a puzzle for you! The fetch code is GRY78W. I don't think you'll find it too difficult. ;-)


Last weekend I saw the showrunners and two of the stars from Galavant at SF Sketchfest. Sadly, Timothy Odmundson and Karen Cook were trapped in Newark Airport, waiting for United to find a plane that worked. They sent hilarious video messages, though.  IMO the best part of the show was listening to Alan Menken's demos of songs that couldn't make it into this family-friendly show (though I was suprised to hear the phrase "spank bank" in a family-friendly show). They also showed two songs from the current season, but tried to say as little as possible about them so they didn't spoil anything. Then they showed the gag reel from season 2. Of course, it was all spoilers!

I am volunteering for two Creation Supernatural Cons: Seattle in March & Burbank at the end of the year. Might be fun, might be exhausting. We'll see.

I haven't signed up for a challenge or fest since last summer, so I put my name in as an artist for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I have lots of ideas for art right now, so I sort of wish there was a reversebang in the works. On the other hand, just because I have lots of ideas doesn't mean I have a lot of time. Classes start again Tuesday. You may not hear from me for a while.


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