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Someone needs to write me a story where Dean learns how to load a book on a Kindle just so he can put this on Sammy's.

"Right now, in every nation around the globe, the greatest danger isn’t nuclear proliferation or the possibility of World War III. It is, in fact, clowns. I know what you’re thinking— sure, these red-nosed jokers are creepy, but they’re not really dangerous, and all those rumors about clowns and crime (such as the size-22 shoe prints found near where they last saw Jimmy Hoffa) are just the sensational drivel of conspiracy theorists.

Those kinds of naïve misconceptions are exactly what people think right before they get stabbed in a neighborhood controlled by clown gangs."
Chuck Sambuchino. When Clowns Attack (Kindle Locations 62-66). Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony. Kindle Edition.

Just for you :D

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"Damned stupid fiddly bloody thing."

Dean sits; head bowed low over Sam's eReader, cussing it out every time his huge thumbs miss the correct touch screen option. "How does Gigantor manage to even use this thing?"

The WiFi in the Bunker's being a jackass and Dean's having to intermittently wander around the War Room just to get enough signal to download the book, but he's determined not to give up. The look on Sam's face is going to be worth all the hassle.

Finally after forty minutes of shouting at an inanimate object and just about holding on to his temper long enough not to throw the damned thing against the wall, Dean's managed to store the book in the eReader's memory.

Sniggering to himself he places it back on Sam's desk and walks away as if nothing's happened.


It takes two hunts and an overnight study session but Sam is finally able to sit down and chill with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

Leg's slung over the edge of his desk chair, elbows resting on his knees, Sam slides his thumb across the screen of his brand new eReader.


The blood curdling scream that shatters the calm in the Bunker's hallways is music to Dean's ears, as is the ear splitting string of expletives peppered with his name that starts moving closer and closer to his room.

"DEAN! You are a fucking BASTARD!"

Sam's face is practically purple as he slams into Dean's room; chest heaving, eyes darting left and right he's barely keeping a hold of his anxiety and Dean thinks perhaps he should've been in a more open space when this prank played out.

"What's up little brother?"

"Don't little brother me you obnoxious -"

The huge gulps of air Sam's dragging down prevent him from finishing the sentence as he glares at his brother.

Breathing finally under control, Sam throws the eReader at Dean's head and stomps away. "GET RID OF IT!"

Dean laughs out loud and decides perhaps he'll read it before binning it. It pays to be prepared, after all.


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Re: Just for you :D

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So much love for you right now.

Re: Just for you :D

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Glad to be of service, honey :) ♥


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